The Strider Training Schedule

The following schedule will be updated each month to give striders a guide to what our training sessions will consist of on any given evening. Although this may be subject to change depending upon factors such as extreme weather, number of Striders on the session, plus other unforeseen circumstances which may affect the nights training, every effort will be made to follow it.

Training Schedule for May 2012

Wednesday 2nd
Chorley 4.4mile Race Series
Group A (Dawn) : TBC
Monday 7th
No Run
Bank Holiday
Wednesday 9th
Group A (John/Ian) : Boardmans Ln Track/Field Groups of 3- 200m effort x 4 (30 secs in between) x 3
Group B (Les/Mike) : Boardmans Ln Track/Field Groups of 3- 200m effort x 4 (30 secs in between) x 2
Monday 14th
Group A (Rach/Claire) : Carr Mill Dam- boathouse loops (to the goyt and turn left) x 4
Group B (Les/Vicky) : Carr Mill Dam- large lap of dam
Wednesday 16th
Group A : Easy to by pass. Indian file to mill lane, then indian file back along berringtons lane. Return through lady pilks (indian file here if possible)
Group B : Easy to bypass, indian file to Pasture lane and back
Monday 21st
Group A (Rach/Marie) : Taylor Park loops of lake ½ lap, 1 lap, 1 ½ lap, 1 lap, ½ lap
Group B (Frank) : Taylor Park lake -4 or 3 continuous loops
Wednesday 23rd
Group A (John/Jo) : Lady Pilks Field laps x 5 (2 min rec inbetween)- alternate each lap
Group B (Les/Dawn) : Berringtons Lane x 2, Lady Pilks laps x 2
Monday 28th
Group A (Rach/Carol) : Easy to Crank via Blue bridge. Back via Martindale road- fartlek sessions (volunteers required on night)
Group B (Les/ Louise/a(s)) : Easy to Bypass- small loops around hedge
Wednesday 30th
4th Summer Handicap
All Groups
  Franks Final Word: Try and get out of your comfort zone at training by running quicker than your normal racing pace, be competitive, finish each session strongly, give encouragement, most of all enjoy Good Running ----Frank Mc