The Strider Grand Prix

This is a competition open to all the St.Helens Strider members. Participants take part in any public 5mile, 10k, 10mile and Half-marathon races throughout the year. Competitors may run more than one of each distance if they wish to try and improve on their first attempt at that distance. The best time for each distance is added together to determine a total. The overall winner is therefore the one with the lowest total. The beauty of this competition is that those who are better at the shorter distances are not always as good at the longer distances and vice versa which in theory should create a more level competition.

Year Name Total Time (mins/secs) Comments
2009 Danny Fegan 229:13 A very close competition with Danny winning by a mere 6 seconds.
  Rachael Fishwick 281:08  
2008 Paul Carrier 202:23  
  Honor Duffield 259:04  


John Lingard 226:28  
  Honor Duffield 268:14  
2006 John Lingard 223:15  
  Dawn Platt 286:09  
2005 Eric Fogarty 230:35  
  Dawn Platt 288:35  
2004 Eric Fogarty 226:50  
  Dawn Platt 282:33  
2003 Dennis Wharton 210:18  
  Dawn Platt 278:18  
2002 Paul Demore 196:42  
  Dawn Platt 267:09  
2001 Paul Demore 192:30  
  No female completed -  
2000 Paul Demore 199:56  
  Gill Jones 224:18  
1999 Dennis Wharton 199:33  
  Gill Jones 232:18  
1998 Dennis Wharton 201:03  
  Claire Pickavance 283:83  
1997 Dennis Wharton 200:50  
  Claire Pickavance 262:83  
1996 Mike Simm 206:43  
  - -