The Attendance Award

This is a competition open to all the St.Helens Strider members. It is simply the person with the best attendance record for the year takes the title. Only normal training evenings count, Mondays and Wednesdays, extra sessions arranged between stirders (ie. Saturday mornings etc.) won't count. This award will encourage all striders to attend, especially new members and as with the other 'Strider' competitions it is rewarded with a trophy at the end of the year at the presentation evening.

The table below shows previous years top male and female winners and also the current leaders for this year.


Year Name % Attendance Comments
2010 Chris Reid 100 A perfect record so far
  Rachael Fishwick 100 A perfect record so far
  Frank McAlister 80 A close joint second
  John Smee 80 A close joint second
  Nicola Howarth 80 A close joint second
2009 Chris Reid ? Top Male
  Rachael Fishwick ? Top Female